Ms. Wejman

May 14th, 2020

Progress Report Update

Dear Fourth Grade Parents, 

As a reminder, progress reports will be printed and mailed on Friday, May 22.  Students have been receiving weekly grades for work they are submitting in each subject.  If they do not submit work students are given an excused or incomplete mark (Exc or Inc). Those marks do not lower a student’s grade.  Students will receive a grade based on the work they have submitted.  If students have done some work, but are missing more than 2 weeks of work they will receive a “P” for pass.  You can check your students progress by logging into (ASPEN) parent portal- grades have been updated weekly.  

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Miss Wejman

May 11th, 2020

Week of May 11th

Room 207

Peek at the Week

Week of May 11th-15th


We will end Unit 7 with focusing on line plots. The fourth graders will read and interpret the data.  In addition to Khan Academy, the fourth grader can also complete Homelink 7.13. (

In addition to line plots, please practice multiplying mixed numbers and long division with your fourth grader.  Here are some Khan Academy Links to complete.  Fourth graders should be on Khan Academy for an hour a day.


This week, the students will read two different folktales.  One of the folktales is from Norway and the other one is from India.  Throughout the week, the students will take comprehension questions about the folktales.  


We will begin the week with reading about the story of Persephone.  In addition to reading the story, we will also watch a video about this Greek Myth.  The fourth grader will compare how the two different versions are similar and how they are different.  Throughout the week, they will choose to fracture and rewrite this myth in their own way.  Ask your fourth grader how he or she is choosing to fracture the myth.  

May 4th, 2020

Peek at the Week ~ Week of May 4th

Room 207

Peek at the Week

Week of May 4th-8th


Khan Academy lessons this week focus on long division, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, and multiplying a whole number by a mixed number.  This week’s homework is also available on Google Slides.  Students can write in the provided text boxes and then turn in their work this way.  If you would still like a PDF copy, please let me know.  This week’s class meeting will focus on math problems. Please let me know if there is a specific skill that you would like me practice with the fourth graders.


Our writing genre for May is fracturing Greek Myths.  Fracture means to break.  The fourth grade writers will spend the month fracturing, or changing, one of the myths from the traditional literature genre.  This week, the students will read about King Midas. The writers should be creative about rewriting this myth in their own way.  I look forward to reading these fractured myths.  Please let me know if you need help with fracturing the myth of King Midas. 


This week’s reading genre is reading a play or drama.  Every day this week, the fourth graders will read a passage from Alice in Wonderland.  Each day, they will take a new quiz from the passage.  The fourth graders should also take one read theory test a week. 

April 27th, 2020

Peek at the Week ~ Week of April 27th

Room 207

Peek at the Week

Week of April 27th-May 1st

Google Meet

We had a successful first week of working on Google Classroom.  This week, everyone has the opportunity to come together on Google Meet.  Everyone should have received an invite through email.  We will attempt to meet every day at 10AM.  If this schedule does not work for your family, please let me know. Our objective for the first week of our Google Meet is to say hi to each other and communicate how we have been feeling during the quarantine.  

CPS Email

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying having a CPS email.  Please read the CPS acceptable use policy when using your email. 


We will continue writing poems for poetry month.  This week, we will take an Emotional X-Ray.  For this activity, you will identify an emotion that you are feeling right now.  You will write all about that feeling.  Please feel free to free write poems throughout the week.  I would love to read them and any other writing that the fourth graders have been working on during the closure.  


We will continue multiplying fractions.  This week, multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers.  Here are Khan Lessons practicing this:


We will also practice multi step division word problems

You can complete the homelinks 7.5-7.9 or use this link.  Also, please try to complete 60 minutes on Khan Academy a week.  


Our reading genre for April continues to be poetry.  This week we will read the poem My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Everyday the fourth grader will read the poem and answer questions about the poem in a link found on Google Classroom.  Please let me know if you need help with this.  Also, please try to complete one test on read theory a week. 

April 20th, 2020

Week of April 20th

Hello Fourth Grade Parents!  

Welcome to the Fourth Quarter!  I am looking forward to beginning Google Classrooms this week.  You should have received an invitation to the Room 207 Classroom from me, Dr. James, and Ms. Lemberis. In the Room 207 classroom, there will be assignments from Spanish, reading, writing, and math.  Ms. Nieto will also be available on the Room 207 page. You will be assigned social studies work in Dr. James’ Google classroom and science work in Ms. Lemberis’ Google classroom. In case you have not received a code from me, it is f5ykhub.  

Here are some basic rules for the week: 

  • Stay safe and healthy.
  • Everyone should do their best. 
  • Students should be engaged with 2 hours of academic work a day.  
  • Students should check in with different teachers on Google Classroom. 
  • For math a suggestion is 60 minutes of Khan Academy a week.  Our class code is E3D7HD.  
  • Please try to take one test a week on read theory.  Please email me for a user name and password. 

Every week, you will receive a participation grade for each subject.  

We will use our common rubric to grade student work:

★ Student has shown convincing evidence of understanding. Answer is accurate and written in full detail. The student has met expectations of the task presented. Calculation: 10/10

✔+ Student has shown some convincing evidence of understanding. The work may contain a minor error. Answer is accurate to answer the task and/or thinking shown. Calculation: 9/10

✔ Student has shown some evidence of understanding. The answer demonstrates some understanding of the presented task. May contain minor errors or a major error. Calculation: 8/10

✔- Student has attempted to solve the task. Answer is incorrect. Calculation: 7/10

⊘ No attempt made to solve the task. There is just an answer.


April is poetry month!  This week, we will learn about different types of figurative language.  Each day there will be a new poem for you to read and respond. Please try to complete one reading test on read theory a week.  If you need your username and password, please let me know. During poetry month, please take the time to read poetry. You can do this online.  On May 1st, you need to complete the poetry project that is found on Google Classroom.  


We will begin Unit 7 in math.  In this lesson we will focus on converting cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.  Additionally, we will be multiplying fractions. You can work on the 7.1-7.4 in your math Homelink book or use this link to complete the pages.

I know many of you have been working on Khan Academy.  In case you have not logged on, our class code is E3D7HD.

Here are suggestions for activities on Khan:–cups–pints–quarts–and-gallons-

For your math grade for the week, please work on Khan Academy for at least 60 minutes a week or you can complete your homelinks.  Please let me know if you need help with a specific problem. I am here to help you. 


We will be writing poetry during the month of April.  Poetry is a good way to express your emotions to another person. Your first assignment is to write a poem for everyone in your family. You can share the poem anyway you want. Be creative artistically and with presentation. Feel free to video your presentation of the poem. Please post the best poem that you write for your first writing grade of the fourth quarter. Happy Writing! 

Report Card Conferences

Wednesday is our time to discuss your child’s progress in fourth grade.  Please set up a time with me to talk. We can meet on google meet. 

April 15th, 2020

Third Quarter Grading Policy

Hello Fourth Grade Parents,

Thank you for your patience regarding remote learning in fourth grade at Ray.  We are doing our best to help all families implement a structure that will work well specifically for you.  

As you know, Thursday is the last day of Quarter 3. Thank you so much to the students that have turned in completed work to the teacher over the last four weeks.  Students will receive both a reading and math grade for the past weeks. 

We will use our common rubric to grade student work: 

  • ★  Student has shown convincing evidence of understanding. Answer is accurate and written in full detail. The student has met expectations of the task presented. Calculation: 10/10
  • ✔+ Student has shown some convincing evidence of understanding. The work may contain a minor error.  Answer is accurate to answer the task and/or thinking shown. Calculation: 9/10
  • ✔ Student has shown some evidence of understanding.  The answer demonstrates some understanding of the presented task. May contain minor errors or a major error. Calculation: 8/10
  • ✔- Student has attempted to solve the task.  Answer is incorrect. Calculation: 7/10
  • ⊘  No attempt made to solve the task. There is just an answer. 

Please email your child’s homeroom teacher before Thursday at 5PM with any work he or she has completed over the last four weeks.  We will also review student work on IXL, Khan Academy, and Read Theory.  

Because all of this work was enrichment, students will receive an excused mark for any work not turned in to the teacher. As the Illinois State Board of Education has stated, no grade can be lower than it was on Monday, March 16th.  

We welcome all questions as we try to work together during this unprecedented time. More information about fourth quarter grading will be available next week.  

Stay healthy and safe,

The Fourth Grade Team

April 14th, 2020

Poetry Month Activity

April is Poetry Month! Poetry is a type of writing that is used to stir a reader’s imagination or emotions. Sometimes poetry rhymes, but it doesn’t always have to! Throughout the course of this month, we will be trying out four different forms of poetry. You may practice writing the poems in the packet or on your own paper.

Week 1 – Haiku
A haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry that is usually written about nature. A haiku only has three lines, but each line has a specific number of syllables.
The first line of a haiku always has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables. You can count out the number of syllables by clapping out the sounds in each word – for example, the word “happy” has two syllables!
If you need additional resources, you can use this haiku graphic organizer to help you out!

Example Haiku
I miss my students
I hope I see them again
Stay safe 207!

Now, try writing your own haiku! Remember to count out your syllables carefully.

Five syllables
Seven syllables
Five syllables

April 13th, 2020

Week of April 13th

Good Morning 4th Grade Students and Families, 

I hope everyone had a nice spring break, and is continuing to stay healthy and safe. This weekly overview has a lot of information.  I will keep this format as the weeks continue so there won’t be an overload of information each week. 

Reading Assignments/ Information  

This week’s focus in reading will be to write an effective summary about what you read. Please try to do this with everything you are reading.  A summary retells the main events of a story in a shorter version. Before summarizing, think about the important story elements; characters, setting, and plot.  Remember not to include your opinion in the summary. 

Please complete the reading activities listed below;

Continue to read the next story in our nonfiction mystery unit about UFOs! 

UFOs Reading and Questions. Read pages 8-10 (

Read at least one of the following passages and answer the questions; (Lexile 610) (Lexile 840) (Lexile 1090)

Log on to Read Theory at Email me for your user name and password. 

Math Assignments/ Information 

This week in math we will review division and measuring angles.  You will also solve number stories with fractions and mixed numbers! 

Review the following videos to help you with division and measuring angles;



Next go to and create a Khan Academy account.  

If you don’t already have an account, press “Create a new account”. Enter your date of birth, then sign up using Google, your school email, or by creating a username.

Enter your grade and course. Now you’re ready to start learning! This week, practice division ( and measuring angles (

Lastly, solve number stories with fractions and mixed numbers by completing the following home link 6.12 ( 

Science Assignments/ Information 

Science Reading

Read the following article from Super Science at – classroom password: rayroom312. 

Complete this activity ( as you read!

Here is another paired text to go with the article!  

Invention Convention – This year you participate in the Invention Convention.  This is a project we normally begin in May, but I thought we can get started early.  During this project you will design solutions to real-world problems! This week I want you to ASK yourself; 

What is a real-world problem that you want to solve? 

What needs to be improved? 

What is the goal?

If you do not have access to a printer, please complete the work on loose leaf paper or in a notebook.  You can bring your completed assignments to me when we return, or send them through class dojo/email. As mentioned in my previous message, this is a learning process for us all.  Please do what you have access to and what you can.  

Email or message me with any questions!  Don’t forget to share school spirit photos on Warrior Wednesday 🙂 

Have a great week!

April 6th, 2020

Message from Dr. James

Hello 4th graders I will be looking forward to receiving your Women’s History Interview Projects next week. I have received quite a few of them way before the deadline of next week April 13, 2020. An example from a former student’s presentation is posted on DOJO to give you some ideas.

Additionally, this year a 4th grader found a really neat way to do the oral presentation. Please click  the link. 

 Next week, the research papers are due with all components.I will also  explore creative ways for you to present your projects so you can share with your peers. If you turned it in already and I feel that it needs to be revised I will let you know. Have a wonderful spring break! 

Dr. James

April 3rd, 2020

Spring Break

Happy Friday Students and Families!

I hope you all had a great week, and are continuing to stay safe, healthy and happy! Next week is your Spring Break! Enjoy the week- you’ve earned it. I thought it would be fun to take a trip around the country/world to visit some museums and national parks-virtually of course!

You can access information about visiting museums and parks if you click on the links below;

I will be in touch next week with our remote learning plan beginning on Monday, April 13th. Enjoy the weekend with your family!

Ms. Wejman

March 30th, 2020

Remote Learning

Remote learning begins on April 13th. Please let me know if your family needs a device to assist your child with learning.

Thank you!

March 30th, 2020

Social Studies Assignment

For Social Studies, please continue your Women’s History projects. Shout out to the 4th graders who have already sent me their ideas or drafts via email.
Remember, these projects can be done via email, video ( FaceTime, zoom) or telephone. Initially, I recommended trying to pick someone other than your mom but interviewing your mother is perfectly fine. If you wanted to still interview a Ray school teacher please dojo or email me at Let me know which Ray School Teacher and I will contact that teacher and ask them if they are willing to participate via email.
We are coming to the end of Women’s History Month. Please select 1-2 women from the sheets on Dojo to find more about. You can either write notes on a separate  sheet of paper or complete one of the attached sheet. Or if you are really ambitious create a drawing, poster or google slide or PowerPoint about one of these women. You can screen shot if a poster/drawing  and send it to my email or upload a photo on
Dojo. If a slide presentation send it to
Me like you have in the past.
Good luck!
Dr. James