Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of April 1st-5th


Reader’s Workshop

Common Core Standard: Compare and contrast texts in different forms or genres in terms of their approaches to similar themes and topics.

In guided reading groups, students will compare their books with another book that they have read.  They will be able to identify a reason of how the books are both similar and different. 


Writer’s Workshop

Common Core Standard: Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

During the month of April, the students will be writing poetry.  Writing mini-lessons will begin with reading a chapter from the book Poetry Matters by Ralph Fletcher.  The students will experiment with the strategy that Ralph Fletcher suggests. 


Social Studies

Common Core Standard: Analyze the relationship between a primary and secondary source on the same topic.

The students will begin to learn about Early Greece.  They were also assigned a Greek god/goddess art project.  The students are to pick a Greek god/goddess and illustrate their characteristics. They also need to write about the god or goddess.  This project will be due on Thursday, April 11th.  Students have received a rubric and it can also be found on my blog.