8 6 4 2 Score
Main Idea Writer has focused on one issue related to the assignment. Topic sentence is clear and well stated Focus is somewhat vague; topic sentence could be worded better, but there is a topic sentence Focus is unclear; what are you trying to prove here? Topic sentence is not evident Let’s talk.  
Evidence Ample evidence is given to support topic statement. Examples are specific and explained in detail Evidence is somewhat vague and not specific enough or evidence is not closely related to the subject Evidence is basically opinion, no specific evidence described or evidence described is unrelated Let’s talk.  
Link Paragraph contains a statement after each piece of evidence that clearly links information to the topic sentence, explains how the evidence fits Statement after each piece of evidence is related to the information in the topic sentence but not clearly linked Links are missing throughout the paragraph, only evidence; no real explanation of how the evidence supports main idea Let’s talk.  
Transitions Writer uses clear and sensible transitions between each piece of evidence Writer uses some good transitions although they are somewhat typical Writer does not use clear transitions; paragraph is disorganized as a result, hard to follow Let’s talk.  
Concluding Statement Writer uses a final statement that “wraps up” the paragraph, refers back to the main idea Writer uses a concluding statement that sort of wraps up the paragraph; could be stronger, but okay Writer fails to conclude the paragraph with a final statement to “wrap it up” Let’s talk.