Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

February 11th-15th


Reader’s Workshop

Standard: Identify elements of fiction: plot, character, setting, theme, character foils. 

As the sixth graders are reading the text, they will identify the important elements of fiction.  In their identification they will explain how each contributes to their reading. 


Writer’s Workshop

Standard: Draw evidence from literary or information texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. 

The sixth graders will continue to use the MEL-CON model in answering extended response questions.  In this model, the students will be making a link with each piece of evidence that they have to answer the question.  As they state each piece of evidence, they will practice using a variety of transitional words.  The conclusion is an inference connecting their main idea, evidence, and links. 


Social Studies

Standard: Identify the causes of events in a story or nonfiction account.

As the students are reading about the Persian Empire, the students will identify the causes of actions made by Cyrus and Darius. 


Personal Best

During the third quarter, there will be an emphasis on the students doing their personal best in everything that they do in their lives.  Last week, we had a conversation regarding what personal best behavior looks and feels like.  They also wrote a letter to me stating what I can expect each student’s personal best to be.  This week, the students will write a letter to you stating how they will do their personal best in and out school.  The students will ask you to respond to their letters.  Please respond to these letters and return them to school on Wednesday, February 13th