Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of December 5th-9th

Reader’s Workshop

From text details about the character’s actions, words, or thoughts, the student will be able to identify the character’s personality.  As the students are reading their guided reading, independent, and reader’s workshop books, they will be able to identify how a character changes as the plot changes.

Writer’s Workshop

With the new month, the students will begin writing the persuasive genre.  This week, they will begin to generate possible audiences.  They will also be identifying different arguments that they would like to persuade the particular audience to believe.

Social Studies

To prepare for Friday’s field trip, the students will identify primary sources in the social studies book pertaining to Ancient Egypt.  On the field trip, they will be responsible for identifying the most interesting primary source on the field trip.  In their explanation, they will have to identify the primary source’s significance to Ancient Egypt.

Field Trip

On Friday, all of the sixth graders at Ray Elementary will be taking a field trip to theFieldMuseum.  We will leave after breakfast and a bathroom break.  The buses will leave promptly at9:30.  At10:30, Room 512 will have a one hour guided tour through the Ancient Egyptian exhibit.   Room 503 will take the tour at11:30.  Both classes will depart from the museum at12:30.  Upon arrival to Ray, the students will eat their lunches in the classroom.  School lunches for the students have been cancelled on that day.  All students should bring a lunch from home.