Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of January 18th-22nd

Reader’s Workshop

The readers will continue to make connections while they are reading their guided reading books. Connecting important ideas to the reader’s ideas and experiences is one of the criteria used in grading the reading extended-response portion of the ISAT. Making connections is important for the readers of fifth graders. As your fifth grader is reading at home, ask if he or she can make any text-to-text or text-to-self connections.

Writer’s Workshop

On Tuesday, the writers will be introduced to the rubric that will be used to grade their January narratives. This month, the writers will be assessed on writing a small moment that has happened to them with detail, writing an interesting lead, ending the narrative in an appropriate way, and using the correct punctuation and capitalization in their writing. This week, the mini-lessons will focus on writing an appropriate ending. Different ways that the writers can end their writing include ending with a question, with humor, or with a strong line.

Social Studies

The students will continue to learn about the Constitution. Now, that they have finished reading the book Shhhhh! We’re Writing the Constitution, they will learn about the Bill of Rights. To do this, every fifth grader will be given a book of the Bill of Rights and they will illustrate each amendment.