March 16, 2020 

Dear 4th Grade parents,  

As a result of the school closures, we will provide work for our 4th grade students to complete during their time away from school. All student work will be distributed in a digital format.  In addition, students received enrichment packets today (the link to the enrichment packets can be found below). Please look on our teacher websites via and click on and select the classroom teacher from the drop box.

We expect students to read and practice math daily. The following should be completed upon their return on March 31,2020:

  • One book report (please see teacher blog for format)
  • Practice their Southeast Region states/ Online Settera  (See Dr. James’ Blog)
  • Work on their Women’s History Project (See Dr. James’ Blog)

Students can also work on the following during our time out of the classroom:

We have ensured that students know how to access websites/assignments and know their usernames/passwords.

Should there be any questions regarding digital platform access or assignments in general, please email teachers at:

Ms. Lemberis-

Dr. Toney- James –

Ms. Wejman-

Students and teachers can communicate via CPS email addresses and class dojo.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the district’s plan, feel free to access CPS School Health and Wellness.

Any school related concerns please feel free to email any of us.  

Additional 4th Grade Resources


  • Social Science Resources: 


States and Capitals Practice/ Social Science (US Capitals emphasis on Southeast Region)

Online Settera-


  • Reading Resources:


  1. Vocabulary Word Work
  2. Science Resources: (classroom password: rayroom312)

Thank you for your continued support.  We are looking forward to our return back to school.