Monday, April 8th

This week for homework, read the stories in Lesson 27.  By Friday, you should complete three tic-tac-toe activities in your homework notebook.  At the top of each page, you should write the date and title of the story.

Read The Frog in the Milk Pail.  Why is the moral of the story to never give up?   Read Amphibian Alert. Identify the main idea of the four subtitles.   Read the poems on pages 28 and 29.  Write your own poem about a frog.
Read the three fables on page 30.  Identify the moral of each story. Write a summary of The Frog in the Milk Pail in the three to five sentences.   Which picture do you think is the most interesting in Amphibian Alert? Why do you think this? Write a new caption for the picture.  
Create a plot mountain of The Frog in the Milk Pail.   Write a letter to Miss Wejman about The Frog in the Milk Pail. Your letter must be written in correct format in five or more sentences. Write a summary of Amphibian Alert in three to five sentences.