Monday, April 1, 2019

This week for homework, read the stories in Lesson 26 in Paths to Discovery.  By Thursday, you should complete three tic-tac-toe activities in your homework notebook.  At the top of each page, you should write the date and title of the story.

Make a plot mountain of The Girl Who Loved Spiders.   Write the main idea for each subtitle on   pages 12-13. Complete the activity on page 16.  
Complete the activity on pages 18-19. Write a summary of The Girl Who Loved Spiders.  Your summary should be three-five sentences and should identify the who, what, where, why, and when of the story.   Make an inference in The Girl Who Loved Spiders. Include the explicit text evidence with the inference.    
Make a comic of The Girls Who Loved Spiders.   Write a letter to Miss Wejman about The Girl Who Loved Spiders. Your letter must be written in correct format in five or more sentences. Write a poem about a spider.