Room 207

Peek at the Week

Week of January 14th-18th


The fourth graders will be taking the NWEA middle of the year assessment on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please let me know if you would like to receive record of your child’s results and progress on this test.

Reading: Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text.  

As we continue to read biographies, the fourth grader will know the difference between main idea and details.  We will practice identifying the difference in guiding reading groups. We will practice this through the use of a graphic organizer.  The students will also continue to complete their biography packet pertaining to the biography that they are reading for the wax museum.  Your child should begin talking to you about what he or she will be wearing for the January 31st Wax Museum. The fourth grader also needs to bring a prop pertaining to the person.  

Writing: Conduct short research projects that build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.

The students will be given the opportunity to use reliable sources on the Internet to research their chosen African American history topic.  As they are researching, they will be paraphrasing the information that they are reading. Ask your fourth grader which topic he or she is researching and what he or she is learning about the specific topic.  

Math: Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.  

We will begin the week with solving multistep multiplication problems.  Before solving these problems, we will make sure that we know what the problem is asking us to solve.  Then we will use the information to solve the problem. When helping your fourth grader with homework, please have your child read through the problem three times to make sure that he or she understands what the problem is asking.  We will end Unit 4 with exploring the lattice method of multiplication. Because of the NWEA, the students will only be taught two math lessons this week.

Math Homework

Monday – 4.12

Tuesday 4.13