Room 207

Peek at the Week

Week of December 10th-14th


Writing: Introduce a topic clearly and group related information in paragraphs and sections; include formatting (e.g. headings), illustrations, and multimedia when useful to aiding comprehension.  

The fourth graders will write an introduction to their informational text. They will begin their introduction with a luring lead.  The writers will end their writing with a concluding statement. After their five paragraphs are complete, they will look at text features of informational books and be inspired to use them in their own publishing.  At the end of the week, they will receive a rubric stating the expectations of their published book.


Math: Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.  

Unit 4 focuses on multi digit multiplication.  We will begin the unit with reviewing basic multiplication facts and extending the product with multiples of ten.  Estimation will be used to evaluate the reasonableness of the product. To begin the multiplication of multidigit numbers, the fourth graders will use partitioned rectangles to separate the place value.  The students will also use multiplication to convert liters to milliliters. To ensure that your fourth grader is automatic with math facts, please practice multiplication and division facts with your child at home.  


Reading: Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text.  

For the last five weeks, the fourth graders have been reading biographies.  They are going to pick one of the biographies that they read to create a timeline of the person’s life.  In addition to creating a timeline, they will also be summarizing the person’s life. Every fourth grader received a rubric of this timeline.  


Homework Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Homelink 4.1 Homelink 4.2 Homelink 4.3 Homelink 4.4 Math Homework Due
Reading Read Antarctic Journal Complete three Tic Tac Toe assignments.   Reading Homework Due