The reading genre for the last five weeks of the third quarter is real life mysteries.  Instead of a book report, you will be researching a real life mystery that you are interested in learning more about using the Internet or a book not read in school.  This research book report is due on Thursday, April 5th.

Real life mystery: ________________________________

What schema, or background knowledge, do you have about this mystery? ______________________________


What are three questions that you have about this real life mystery?

  1. __________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________

What is the address of the website that you are using to research your real life mystery?


If you used a book to research, what is the title and author of the book?


Please list three paraphrased facts that you learned about this mystery.


  1. ____________________________________________




What do you think was the cause of this particular real life mystery? ____________________________________


Illustrate a picture of this real life mystery.  Please a caption to describe your illustration.