Date: ___________________________________

In the third quarter, we are reading mysteries.  Every fourth grader needs to read a mystery at home and write a book report about it.  If a fourth grader needs assistance in picking a mystery, please let us know.  All mystery book reports are due Thursday, March 1st.  

Title of mystery:_______________________________

Author: _____________________________________

Detective or sleuth: ____________________________

What is a character trait that you would use to describe the detective or sleuth?_____________________________

Why would you use this character trait to describe the detective or sleuth?______________________________


Draw a picture of the detective or sleuth.  Include a speech bubble and caption.  


What was the mystery that the detective or sleuth was trying to solve? _________________________________


Create a plot mountain of the mystery.  


Who were the suspects in the story? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did any of the suspects have an alibi? ________________

If so, what was the alibi.  If not, what was the motive of one of the suspects? _____________________________


What was one of the clues that the detective or sleuth used to solve the mystery? ________________________


Was there a red herring that threw the investigation off track? _________________________________________

If so, what was it? _______________________________