Dear Fourth Grade Parents,                                                                                                        September 8, 2015

In my sixteen years of teaching experience, it is my opinion that strong parent-teacher communication and partnership is key to a student’s success. Since each student’s success is my main objective for each fourth grader, I look forward to working with all of you to best help the needs of your child.

Every Monday, you will receive a Peek at the Week stating the common core standards, activities, and homework pertaining to each subject. If you have any further questions, email is the best way to contact me. My email address is I always do my personal best to respond to emails in a timely matter. Additionally, I am able to meet before and after school with a scheduled appointment.

This week, the main objective is to acclimate the fourth graders to the routines of Room 207. Through the CHAMPS classroom management system, the students will learn the expectation of each activity during the school day. In CHAMPS, students explicitly learn the expectations in terms of conversation level (C), the appropriate way to ask for help (H), the activity (A), movement (M), and participation (P). When the students are able to follow through with the expectations, they are able to soar to success (S).

To reinforce positive behaviors throughout the school, PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) will be implemented at Ray. In addition to learning the expectation of classroom activities, the fourth graders will also be explicitly taught the behaviors that will be expected in our school. To reinforce positive behavior throughout the school, students will be praised with Ray Warrior coins. Every week a student from each class will be rewarded for positive behavior with a Student of the Week award.

Another PBIS initiative will be monthly positive character trait themes. September’s character trait is respect. Today the students in Room 207 wrote letters to you about how they plan to be respectful at home and school throughout the month. I encourage you to write a letter back to your child stating how you plan to support their respectful behavior. Please return the letters to school tomorrow. They will be reviewed at the end of the month so that the fourth graders will be able to reflect on their respectful behavior.

Throughout the week, we will be practice good reading behavior during reader’s workshop. Since guided reading groups will not begin for a few weeks, it is recommended that students bring in an independent book to read. The student’s book choice will help to give me an idea of the student’s reading interests.

From past experience, you probably are aware of all of the important paper work that is required for you to complete. With that said, parents often feel that they are the ones with all of the homework during the first week of school. It would be extremely helpful for the school, if you turn in the paperwork as soon as you can. In addition to the paperwork, the $85 school fee is due as soon as possible.

Even though parents will be inundated with “homework” this week, students will not be assigned homework during the first week of school. One optional assignment that the students were introduced to today was to bring in a picture of the student on vacation in one of the 50 United States. Since the social studies curriculum pertains to the regions of the United States, we are going to introduce each other to the regions through places we have already traveled. The pictures will be posted on a bulletin board in the classroom.

Thank you to everyone for bringing in school supplies. One additional school supply that would be appreciated include earbuds to aid in different iPad activities. Please plan to have the earbuds to school before October 1st when iPad use will begin. The safe keeping of the earbuds will be the student’s responsibility and they will be stored in the student’s desk at all times.

I look forward to a successful school year!

Kind regards,


Jenny Wejman