Miss Wejman

Peek at the Week

Week of June 15th-19th



We will begin the week taking an end of the year test. The purpose of the test is to identify skills that each student should work on before fifth grade. The students will take these tests home on Thursday. We will spend the rest of the week reviewing the skills on the test.


Social Studies

This week’s Think CERCA pertains to kid started businesses. In their claim, they will identify why two students started their own businesses. Perhaps the 207 fourth graders will be inspired to start their own businesses after reading this article.



Once the popsicle stick catapults are constructed, they will conduct their trials to see how far a centimeter cube will be projected. The catapult that launches the centimeter cube the farthest will be considered the winner. After the winner has been declared, the class will determine why the specific catapult won the contest.



During our last meeting of guided reading, the readers will be pulling a specific piece of evidence from the text to support an opinion. This is a reading skill that will be practiced in fifth grade.



The writers will be finishing their fiction writing.



There will be no homework this week.



Students will be cleaning out their desks on Thursday. Please bring an extra bag to school so that the students will be able to bring home all personal supplies


Thank You

Thank you for a most wonderful year. The fourth graders of Room 207 kept me on my toes with their insightful remarks, inquisitive questions, catching my blunders, and making me laugh. This is a wonderful age! I hope that you all have a most wonderful summer!