Ms. Wejman

September 11th, 2018

Ray After school Activities

Ray Fall After-School Registrations Open! 

Fall 2018 session registrations are open for the following programs. Many classes start the second week of school so please register soon! Please sign up to Ray ENews here–it is THE BEST way to receive timely notifications about after-school programs and other school news.
Renaissance Knights chess: K-8 grades, Mondays, 4-5 pm, register here.
Artifice Robotics beginner: 4-8 grades, Wednesdays, 4-5 pm, register here.
Artifice Robotics advanced: 4-8 grades, Thursdays, 4-5 pm, register here.
Kids W.A.Y Acting Academy: 1-8 grades, Tuesdays, 4-5 pm, register here, pay here.
Ray Ultimate Frisbee: 3-6 grades, T and Th, no cost, register here.
Latin Matters: M and W, 7:40-8:45 am OR T and Th, 7:40-8:45 am, register here.
We Got Game soccer: K-3 grades, Mondays, register here (new start date: 9/17).
We Got Game basketball: 1-4 grades. Fridays, register here.
Kenwood School of Ballet – Hip-Hop: K-8 grades, Wednesdays, register here.
Kenwood School of Ballet – Acrobatic dance: K-2 grades, Thursdays, register here.

Kenwood School of Ballet – ballet: K-2 grades, Fridays, register here.

Registrations now open for UofC’s ArtShould! 1-3 grades, Tuesdays, 4-5 pm,
register here (start date is 10/15).
The following programs led by University of Chicago students will start later in October: Creative Writing (1-8) and Debate It Forward. Stay tuned through the Ray PTO ENews!
See after-school calendar here. Send questions to raylsc.parterships@gmail,com.
September 11th, 2018

Open House ~ Thursday, September 13th 4:30-5:30

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Miss Wejman and Miss Benvenuti

Room 207


Math (9:30-11)

Classwork – 45%

Assessments – 40%

Homework – 15%

As in the past at Ray School, the Everyday Math curriculum will be implemented.  Students will review and build on to concepts taught in previous grades. In the introduction of each Unit, a family letter will be sent home explaining the math skills that will be taught.   Each lesson begins with the class sharing their thoughts regarding a math message that the students are to respond. The morning message is connected to the lesson which is introduced through direct instruction.  After direct instruction, students are able to practice the taught math skill through hands on activities and group work for a half an hour. The next half hour is differentiated instruction. Students will continue to work with students on skills that need to be taught at their level.  The fourth graders will change classes for this half hour. Each fourth grade teacher works to help a group of kids at their level. At the conclusion of each math lesson, each student is given a task to complete which is graded to assess the student’s knowledge of the skill taught for the day.  In addition to the skills taught through Everyday Math, fact practice is an important component of math in fourth grade. Every Tuesday, the students are given a “Tuesday Timed Test.” During this five minute period, the fourth graders answer as many math facts as they can. If math facts are not automatic for the fourth graders, I have encouraged them to study them five minutes a day.  In addition to practicing math facts, homework is assigned every Monday in their Study Link Math book. Students are given a specific study link to complete for the night. Homework should be kept in their math book and be turned in to be graded at the end of the week. Students are responsible for asking for help before Friday if there is a specific problem that is difficult for the them.


Reading (1-2)

Classwork – 45%

Assessments – 40%

Homework – 15%

During the hour of reader’s workshop, the students will be completing activities pertaining to the common core standards.  Every day the teacher will meet with a guided reading group discussing the specific common core standard. While the teacher is meeting with a guided reading group, the rest of the class is reading and completing activities pertaining to the books that they are reading.  The activities are presented in a “BINGO” format where the students complete five activities. Additionally, the students will be assessed on their reading skills in a comprehension test every five weeks. For homework, the students are to complete a Tic Tac Toe sheet completing activities from a story in their Journey’s Anthology.   


Writing (8:55-9:30)

Daily Work – 50%

Final Draft – 50%

Every month, the students will be practicing writing strategies related to a specific genre.  All writing strategies are taught in conjunction with the Common Core Standards. Every writer’s workshop hour begins with a mini-lesson taught by the teacher, followed by half an hour of writing time.  During this time, the teacher conferences with the writers. Finally, the students share their writing with their classmates. At the end of each month, the students will complete a final draft of the specific genre of the month.  



Starting on the first day of school, the fourth graders have been introduced to the CHAMPS system of classroom management.  Throughout the day, the students are told the expectations of the (C) conversation level, (H) how to ask for help, (A) activity, (M) movement, and (P) participation.  Since Ray is a CHAMPS school, it is important that the students become familiar with these expectations so that we can all (S) soar to success.


Parent-Teacher Communication

Email is the best way of communication for me.  I will do my best to get back to you at my earliest opportunity.  Every Monday, you will receive a Peek at the Week. This parent communication will state the learning that will be taking place in each subject.  Homework for the week will also be posted in the Peek at the Week.