Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of September 28th-October 2nd


Science: Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

The geologists will complete last week’s science lesson by observing the evaporated “acid rain” effects on the rock samples. They will record their observations in their science notebooks. They will also read about the different types of weathering in their science books. Later in the week, the geologists will go outside to collect soil samples from Ray. From their observation, they will be able to identify the materials found in the playground soil samples.


Math: Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems.

A variety of math skills will be explicitly taught this week. The fourth graders will be explicitly taught how to regroup in subtraction. All of the other math skills taught this week pertain to geometry. The students will be converting between yards, feet, and inches, drawing lines, rays, and line segments, and differentiating between different types of angles.


Social Studies: Interpret information presented visually

Throughout the week, the fourth graders will be using maps, charts, and graphs to gain information. They will be identifying the purpose of an elevation, climate, and landform map. They will also be identifying the latitude and longitude of specific US cities. Students have been explicitly taught that lines of latitude are parallel to the equator while lines of longitude are parallel to the Prime Meridian. They will also use the information in a line and bar graph to acquire information. All landform dioramas are due on Thursday, October 1st.






Reading: Describe the overall structure (cause/effect) of events in text or part of a text.

In guided reading group meetings, the teacher will take an event from the text. Every fourth grader will identify the cause of the particular event. When reading with your child at home, ask your child to identify the cause of a certain event in the text.


Writing: Use concrete words and phrases and sensory details to convey experiences and events precisely.

Throughout the week, mini-lessons will be focused on word choice. The fourth grade writers will be encouraged to use descriptive words. They will be inspired by the text that they are reading and from other fourth grade writers. In addition to words, they will also be explicitly instructed to use figurative language in their writing. Specifically, they will be taught using similes, personification, and hyperbole. The use of transitional words and starting sentences in a variety of ways will also be taught.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading Read for 30 minutes Read for 30 minutes

North and South America letters due

Read for 30 minutes

Europe, Africa, and Asia letters due

Read for 30 minutes

Australia and Antarctica letters due

Read for 30 minutes
Math Homelink 1.9 Homelink 1.10 Homelink 1.11 Homelink 1.12 Math Homework due
Social Studies Landform Dioramas Due