Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of June 9th-June 13th



Throughout the week, the students will be playing games to practice math skills.  If there is a specific math skill that you would like me to work on with your child, please let me know. I will be sure to address the math skill when the fourth graders come to my station. 


Social Studies
The fourth graders will wrap up their “vacation journals.” They will be sent home on Wednesday.  I hope that as your child was working on this project they were inspired to visit some of the interesting sights found in our wonderful country. 



As a fun end of the year science investigation, the fourth graders will ask the question which bubble gum blows the biggest bubble. They will use the scientific process of using background knowledge, constructing a hypothesis, and conducting the experiment to draw a conclusion. 



All of the guided reading groups will meet one last time to discuss their books and talk about the books that they have read throughout the year.  Room 207 is a class full of excellent readers with interesting opinions regarding the text that they read.  One fifth grade skill that some of the students are starting to develop is the ability to cite text and make an interpretation through the text.  Throughout the summer as the students are reading, I encourage them to continue to make interpretations from the text that they are reading.  Not only will this help the students become better readers, but better people as they are learning to form intelligent opinions. 




We will spend the last week of school using Story Bird.  With the many writing skills that have been developed this year, I encourage the fourth grade writers to write more throughout the summer. 


Last Week Activities

We will spend Thursday cleaning the classroom.  Students will take home all materials home.  An additional bag may be needed.  Friday will be the Ray end of the year picnic.  There will be no homework assigned this week.


Summer Practice

http://www.sowashco.k12.mn.us/ro/pages/studentlinks/map/ is a website that allows the students to practice math skills that coordinate with MAP scores.  The students will be introduced to this website in computer. It is encouraged that the students practice the skills on this website since it coordinates to their specific RIT level.    


Thank You

This year has been such a wonderful professional experience for me full of amazing teaching joys.  I attribute this to the wonderful children that you have raised.  I know that they have gained so much from learning in a classroom with other respectful, intelligent, and caring fourth graders.  Have a most wonderful summer!  I look forward to hearing many compliments about them from their fifth grade teachers.