Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of September 4th-7th


Welcome to Sixth Grade!

We are extremely excited to start the year in sixth grade.  This year brings changes toRaySchool.  The behavior expectations, schedules, and routines will be discussed at Thursday’s open house from 6-7:30.



This week, the sixth graders are being acclimated to the behavior expectations of the school.  To do this, they discussed the positive behaviors that they need to be engaged in throughout the school.  They also role-played appropriate behaviors in small groups.  Because of their leadership role as sixth graders, they will also be paired with a kindergarten buddy to help them with breakfast in the morning. 


Morning Schedule

Students need to be at their line at the playground at8:45.  We will start with a physical fitness routine followed by breakfast. After breakfast, every student will have ninety minutes of math and ninety minutes of language arts. Switching classes will begin this week.  During this week, assessments and routine establishment will take place. The students will receive their year schedules on Friday.  More information regarding the sixth grade routines will be available at Thursday’s open house. 


Afternoon Schedule

From12:30-2, the students will have a ninety minute block of lunch, brain boost, andRayUniversity.  The students will be able to independently decide how they want to spend this ninety minute block.  This week, the students will learn about the activities offered duringRayUniversity.  At2PM, the students will have science taught by Ms. Drewa, social studies by Ms. Wejman, or a college preparation class taught by Ms. Garcia.  The students will spend two consecutive days in each class rotating between the three classes.