Miss Wejman’s

Peek at the Week

Week of October 19th-22nd

Reader’s Workshop

The readers of fifth grade will continue to preview the text, make predictions, and enhance their predictions after reading. All of these reading strategies will be taught and practiced in book club groups. During independent reading, the readers will finish their book club tasks, reading their own independent reading books, and will be responding to the reader’s response letter that was written to them. Everyday please ask your child what he or she did during reader’s workshop. Fifth graders should be responsible for completing the work that is assigned to them.

Writer’s Workshop

Today, every writer was given a rubric as they began to draft their narrative writing piece. The writers of fifth grade should use this rubric as they draft their writing. I will use this same rubric to assess their narrative writing piece. Mini-lessons taught this week will be on writing a lively lead, coming up with the right ending, using fresh language, and writing believable dialogue. All of these mini-lessons will help the writers draft their narrative writing piece.

Social Studies

Last week, every fifth grade group was assigned an explorer to research using their social studies books. From that information they created a game tracing the path of the explorer that they researched. The fifth graders worked very well with their groups to create their game boards. This week, they will finish their game boards. On Thursday, the groups will play other games to learn about another explorer.